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Fluency IVR Module

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephony/Data technology that allows organizations to offer a huge selection of appropriate and customizable self-service options to customers.

Utilizing both Speech recognition and touch-tone telephony to interact with a business process or customer database. IVR technology does not require you to dedicated human resource to deliver customer service that can be replicated and is the perfect supplement for your own customer interfacing staff.
For example, banks and credit card companies use IVR systems so their customers can receive up-to date account information, Pay bills or alter account details instantly and easily without having to speak directly to a member of the Banks staff.
IVR technology is also used to gather information, as in the case of telephone surveys in which the user is prompted to answer questions by talking directly to the IVR or pushing the numbers on a touch-tone telephone. A common example of this is Television companies providing voting lines for Shows such as Pop Idol or Big Brother.
IVR is often used in conjunction with contact centers as it can use customer information held in a database to decide on where a customer should be routed. For instance, a customer calling a sales order line who has arrears on their account could be automatically routed to the collections department.
IVR implementations can enable organizations to do more with less staff providing a rapid return on investment.

How It Works?

An IVR system talks to callers following a recorded script. It prompts a response for the caller to respond by talking or pressing a touch-tone key and supplies the caller with information based on responses made. Text information held in database applications can be read back to callers in a variety of languages and accents using text-to-speech technology. The Fluency IVR Dialogue generator can easily create literally hundreds of self-service applications giving your business a competitive edge.

Increased productivity

The Fluency IVR allows organizations to build a more flexible customer service model or enhance your revenue generating capabilities without increasing headcount. Also repetitive tasks can be automated within the IVR leaving staff free to focus on more productive areas of your business. This is perfect for a 24-hour business environment that will deliver consistency in service and with a comparatively low cost.

Investment protection

The Fluency IVR provides the ultimate flexibility in ensuring that users can not only keep their current Voice and Data infrastructure intact, but also achieve more value from it.

Fluency integrates seamlessly and securely with data applications, and can either connect directly into the users current PBX platform, or provide its own Network Interface Card [VoIP or ISDN T1/E1]. However should the customer Voice platform or data application need to be changed in the future then the IVR will work seamlessly with the new solutions, as the Integration module within Fluency will guarantee that the investment made is fully protected.

What is the Fluency advantage?

The Fluency Interactive Voice Response (IVR) module is a powerful solution that provides functionality previously only available to large companies. These customizable applications can be delivered quickly and without the massive cost of similar products.

The Fluency IVR design interface will provide a solution, which will add real value into virtually any market environment.

Common IVR applications

  • Telephony Voting lines and surveys
  • Financial sector- Customers checking on Policy or account details
  • Business continuity and Emergency notification- multiple key personnel can be automatically called, e-mailed or sent text alerts and informed of an emergency situation
  • Telephony ordering
  • Local Government-Information provision to citizens
  • Hospitality-Voice messaging and Mail service with full Hotel systems integration
  • Priority customer routing
  • Appointment reminders
  • Education- Automatically alert parents when children are absent from school and provides a 24-hour service allowing parents to call in and listen to pupil grades and performance