Fluency Recording Module

Do you need to Record telephone calls? If you are governed by Financial services legislation than legally yes! But if you wish to drive staff improvement and customer accountability than Recording all transactions and using this information to improve your business strategy is a massive benefit.

The following compliance statements apply when handling financial transactions:
1] All calls must be recorded
2] Calls must be stored and archived for a minimum of 6 months or the length of the contract between you and your customer
3] Best practice must be adopted when Quality monitoring calls and endeavors demonstrated to improve staff performance

How It Works?

Fluency Recording module integrates easily into your current Voice/Data environment and will record calls and business transactions from the agent screen. The Fluency will either sit on your IP LAN/WAN and record Voice packets, Tap into the ISDN network feed or Connect directly to your digital/Analogue handsets.

Once the recordings are captured, Fluency can highlight key words or parts of the conversation and remove critical or personal sections from broadcast. When listening to calls, managers can build and store simple or comprehensive Scoring forms,which drill directly into staff weaknesess, producing full historical performance data that allows you to improve your business interface and fully comply with legislative requirements.

Increased productivity

Fluency recording module enables any business to to introduce full accountability with extensive voice and data capture which will enpower managers to make much more informed decisions and also utilize this data to build stronger customer service strategies

Investment protection

The Fluency Recording module can be deployed on virtually any ISDN/Digital Voice platform and capture data from most mature agents desktop applications. However in the future if a new VoIP or CRM solution is introduced then Fluency simply alters its configuration and continues to manage the very heart of your customer service operation

What is the Fluency advantage?

Fluency provides the Enterprise Voice and Data capture and management analysis deployed in most large Enterprises but delivers this package into the mass marketplace. Also Fluency can be simply upgraded to add in the additional modules of IVR,ACD or Predictive dialing.

Common Recording applications

  • Financial sector- To fully comply with legislation
  • Local Government-Information provision to citizens and improving local customer service
  • Retail- To confirm transactions and improve front line customer service
  • Legal- To produce evidence that is legally admissable in any court of law
  • Security- To record and analyse potentially dangerous or threatening converations