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Samsung WE VoIP is a smartphone application that provides corporate users Voice over IP (VoIP) communications over private Wi-Fi networks when in the office or public Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE networks when out of the office.

Through the Samsung Communication Manager (SCM) phone systems, this application turns your mobile device into a full-featured Samsung IP phone, providing conference calling, transferring, call back later, and hold functions over your corporate Wi-Fi network.










Combined Mobile and VoIP Dialling:

Equipped with a 4G dialler, Samsung WE VoIP can operate just like a standard mobile phone with a log management that conveniently let users distinguish between mobile and VoIP phone calls. Both modes are fully integrated, making it possible to receive or reject incoming calls even when users are in VoIP mode.

HD Voice for Clearer Quality:

Clear sound and high quality are provided via the tone tuning feature available with Samsung Voice Engine technology. This operates with wideband and super wideband codec such as AMR-WB and Silk to deliver business users a more reliable, uninterrupted service. Stable performance is further guaranteed by fast handover between access points (APs), minimising downtime for better all-round call quality.


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