All-in-one Unified Communications Solution

Supports up to 512 users. The SCM Compact is an all-in-one pure IP based communications solution designed to meet the needs of small to medium size businesses. 

The SCM Compact features a single server architecture that consolidates your entire unified communications ecosystem to deliver proven productivity and business performance improvements.



Key Benefits

Enhanced system Resilience:

The SCM series delivers high reliability with multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports for network connectivity, duel power supplies and gateway functionality supporting “Hot Swap” which enables gateway modules to be exchanged without powering down the system.

Compatibility & Mobility:

The SCM series is an IP-based VoIP call manager, designed to allow easy integration of 3rd party applications specific to your business needs. Individual users can take control of their handset through an intuitive web portal, and the flexible hot desking function lets you take control of your work location. You can also improve productivity and customer service experience with its simplified move, add, change process and hot desking which enables ‘work as you go’ environments.

















Security of information across the internet is increasingly important. The SCM series supports TLS and sRTP for voice packet security and has an embedded SBC (Session Border Controller) for secure network connectivity.















Scalability and Easy Management:

The SCM systems allow your business to grow. Additional user licences can be added without further changes to software or hardware up to the maximum capacity of the system. The easy configuration web interface lets the business take control of their communications with any changes required being instantly applied.