All-in-one Unified Communications Solution

Samsung Communications Manager (SCM) Express provides a single, highly scalable platform that efficiently delivers unified communications, messaging, conferencing and mobility integration.



Enterprise Grade Reliability

The Samsung Communications Manager (SCM) Express is designed to support server redundancy and site survivability.  The SCM Express can be configured for “Active Standby” operation (system redundancy) and “Active Active” operation (geo-redundancy), delivering 99.999% enterprise grade reliability.  In the event of network failure, the SCM Express Media Gateway can deliver local site survivability through the utilisation of local network resources.



The Samsung Communications Manager (SCM) Express can scale as your business grows.  SCM Express supports up to 3000 users in a single solution providing your business with investment protection and flexibility.


Streamlined Administration and Management

The Samsung Communications Manager (SCM) Express streamlines the management of system features, applications and troubleshooting through the integrated Administrator tool.  Being able to effectively and efficiently manage your communications and with real-time service quality and monitoring, the SCM Express Administrator tool ensures that network quality and performance will not be compromised.


Unified Communications

The Samsung Communications Manager (SCM) Express provides call control with embedded applications that help to eliminate the additional costs which stem from multiple application servers, complications from servers running different operating systems, and consolidates the management of your business critical applications.  Embedded applications within the SCM Enterprise deliver unified messaging, voice conferencing, call recording, call centre (Automatic Call Distribution) and smartphone integration.