Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud is a secure, Enterprise class, managed voice solution taking the power of Samsung Communications to a new level.  

Samsung Cloud is driven by the Samsung Communications Manager (SCM).  Locally based in one of New Zealand’s highest rated Datacom Data Centers, customers can rest assured a reliable and secure service is being delivered.  

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beware of what is under the surface

Many cloud services will claim to be strong on security and reliability but what seems to have strength on the surface is often a different story behind the scenes.












Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of communications equipment globally and understands the demand for reliability.  When considering cloud services security is also essential.  Samsung Cloud is based locally in New Zealand in one of the highest rated Data Centers available.  You can rest assured you are being supplied a reliable and secure service. 

stylish handset range with mobile smart phone integration

Samsung Cloud can offer a stylish range of handsets which can work over your Wireless WiFi network.  No more need for additional LAN cabling.  Smart Phones are now essential to our ability to communicate effectively and with Samsung Cloud your mobile phone can be integrated into the solution (Android and IOS).