ucplus – Unified communications

uc Plus brings telephony integration to the desktop

unlocking features of the applications you use everyday

Dial Telephone numbers direct from webpages

Integration with CRM suites & databases

Contact Pop / Caller preview / Call control & much more

ucplus Express

ucplus Express is the entry level version of ucplus and provides an extensive range of features at a very cost-effective price point. Features include call control, click-to-dial, call history, screen popping (Outlook, IBM/Lotus Notes and Google Contacts), integration with Skype for Business, real time presence and availability, instant messaging, custom events and kuando BusyLight & Embrava Blanclight support.

ucplus Extra

ucplus Extra is the mid-range license type and includes all the features of the Express license plus user and extension “combined” presence, preferred device selection, availability actions and all-device caller preview. The Extra license is particularly useful for users managing multiple devices e.g. a desk phone in the office and an IP or softphone when at home.

ucplus Fusion

ucplus Fusion is the top-level license and includes all the features of the Extra license plus integration to an extended range of business application integrations. See list below

Also available for Mac computers.

ucplus Operator

ucplus Operator is a fully featured PC-based operator console intuitively enabling the user to effectively distribute calls across a single or multiple sites.


Inquire if your database is not listed above


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